Job description and compensation:

We are currently seeking a jack-of-all-trades to support us with the installation of different types of flooring. Working days are from 07:00-16:00, with a compensation of eight to twelve euros net an hour. The average net salary is €1900 a month. Having a valid driver’s license is a requirement for the job. There is no need to have your own equipment or driving van, as we will provide you with all the necessary tools for the installation of flooring and a company car to drive to different worksites.


Benefits of the job:

At Woodstock, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. We offer competitive compensation and a rich benefit package. We are able to provide you with a permanent contract, which includes 12 atv-days and 24 off days, totaling to 36 free days a year. While working with us we provide you with great insurance. The details of our insurance can be further discussed in the interview. Additionally, we offer housing for our employees and you are allowed to use the company car for private use (up to 500 km a year).

About the company:

Woodstock is the flooring specialist for companies and individuals. We supply both final floors (residential concrete, parquet, and laminate) and screed floors (magnesite, anhydrite, and sand cement). Additionally, to flooring, we are also able to provide our customers with foam concrete insulation and underfloor heating. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and customer service. Our years of experience and our network of professional companies that we work alongside with have ensured that we are the specialist when it comes to flooring. With our quality flooring and tailored advise we have been able to build a satisfied customer base and grow our company.

Job summary:

*Looking for a flexible jack-of-all-traits to install flooring.
*Workdays are from 07:00-16:00.
*€8-€12 an hour.
*Valid driver’s license is a requirement for the job.
*We supply you with the equipment and a company car.
*Company care can be privately used (up to 500 km a year).
*Great insurance.
*We offer housing to our employees.
*Work at the specialist when it comes to flooring.

Are you the flexible jack-of-all-traits that we have been looking for?
Applicants can email their application or resume to or call 085 - 48 46 100.
Woodstock BV
Meiland 17 1713 GJ Obdam

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